24x7 FTP Access

All our accounts come with the ability to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) 24 hours a day 7 days a week. FTP allows you to actually put files on your web site and is a must have feature other wise you would be unable to do anything with your account.

Access And Error Logs

All accounts have the ability to see their access and error logs from the cPanel statistics area. It can help you figure out where the users are getting error's or where the access points are. It's not a very user friendly interface so unless it's entirely needed Awstats or Webalizer may provide a much easier to understand interface.

Add-On Domains

Add-On domains are fully functional domains hosted under your main account. Think of it as hosting unlimited amount of websites under your current account. It will act as its own website, can have e-mails, sub-domains, and its own FTP username/password.


All our accounts come with Analog which provides a more raw version of web sites stats and it can be found in the cPanel statistics area. Analog is great if you want more raw stats otherwise Awstats or Webalizer will provide a much easier to use interface to look at web site stats.

Auto Responders

All our accounts come with unlimited auto responders. What auto responders do is allow when you receive an email the user who sent you an email will automatically receive a response from you which you define in cPanel. Auto responders can be great for when you're on vacation and want to leave a message to tell everyone you'll be away and won't be responding to their emails as fast as you usually do.

AW Stats

All our accounts come with Awstats which can be found in cPanel under the statistics area. Awstats provides a very clean interface to look at website statatistics. It can provide information about search engine bots and just how many hits have they done and just how much bandwidth they consumed. It can provide you with search engine terms and which search engine they came from. It also comes with all the normal stat system statistics such as unique hits, pageviews and many other pieces of useful information.

Bandwidth Usage

Any time a visitor comes to your site and views a page or downloads a file they're using bandwidth. All our packages come with different bandwidth limits so when you're reaching you're almost reaching your bandwidth limit every month we recommend you upgrade to the next package. Don't worry though we will not automatically charge you for more bandwidth instead we'll suspend your account just to make sure you're not paying for bandwidth overages you do not want.


CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a protocol for interacting external application software with an information server. This enables the server to pass requests from a web browser to an external application. Examples of CGI would be Perl, Python, CGI, and Ruby.


All our accounts come with cPanel the most popular web hosting control panel available today. It makes it possible for you to use many of our great features without the need for much knowledge about servers or anything of that nature. Just a few clicks and you have an email setup. Another few clicks you now have your first database setup and you can now access it and manipulate it through the control panel.

Cron Jobs

Cron (or Cron Jobs) is a time-based scheduling service in Unix operating systems. It allows you to periodically run shell commands on a given schedule. You can easily manage Cron Jobs on your account by going to your control panel ( and clicking on the "Cron Jobs" button.


cURL is a command line tool that allows you to transfer files with a URL syntax. This is most widely used in CGI languages such as PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby.

Custom Error Pages

All our accounts allow the use of custom error pages which means a user no longer has to see a 404 page provided by their browser. You can provide a useful and unique 404,403 and many other error pages so you can help your users out if there is a problem rather than their browser giving them a generic message.

Daily Backups

Our daily backup system utlizes R1Soft enterprise backup system which allows use to do daily backups with 7 days of retention. You also have the ability to restore even just one file through the cPanel interface.

Dedicated IP

Having a dedicated IP allows your site to have its own unique IP address that isn't shared with any other website. There are several benefits to this, including if a site gets blacklisted from a search engine or spam list it won't have an effect on your website. It's also required for private SSL (used when processing credit cards, E-Commerce, etc)


DomainKeys is an e-mail authentication system designed to verify the DNS domain of an e-mail sender and the message integrity.

E-Mail Forwarders

All our accounts come with unlimited email forwarders. Email forwarders give you the ability to redirect all messages sent to an email address on your account to another email of your choice. For example you can have point to


Fantastico De Luxe provides the ability to install numerous open source scripts with just a few clicks

FTP Accounts

All our accounts comes with the ability to create unlimited FTP accounts. FTP accounts allow you to limit an account to a specific directory which can be great for a web site with more than one person working on it.


GD2 is a code library that allows for dynamic manipulation and creation of images. It's commonly used in many CGI scripts (PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby) for things such as galleries.

Hotlink Protection

By enabling hotlink protection can you stop other websites from stealing the bandwidth you pay for. This can force users to visit your site for your downloads opposed to other sites linking to your site giving you no credit then you seeing all your bandwidth gone. Hotlink protection is a great feature to enable for sites that have numerous large downloads and don't want visitors just downloading opposed to actually viewing the site.


ImageMagick is a software suite that allows you to create and manipulate images in many ways. It's usually used by CGI scripts to create thumbnails, add watermarks, create galleries.


IMAP allows you to directly read email from the mail server opposed to downloading all the messages that are unread. IMAP is great to use if you plan on checking your email from numerous computers, but keep in mind it does require an active internet connection while reading your email. Also note email stored on your account does count against your overall disk usage so if you are concerned about disk space this may also not be a good feature to use as POP3 will delete the emails by default once you've downloaded them to your email client.

Ioncube Loader

Ioncube Loader allows scripts encoded by Ioncube Encoder to be ran.

IP Deny Manager

The IP Deny Manager allows you to quickly block IP's from accessing your website without any coding knowledge needed. This can be great for blocking malicious users on your site or even users that you simply do not want visiting anymore maybe due to a ban from the web site or just about any other reason you see fit to block an IP from visiting your site.


All our servers run on Linux and specifically CentOS an enterprise level Linux operating system meant for servers.
Mailing Lists

All our accounts come with the ability to create email lists which your users can sign up for to receive monthly newsletters or whatever you feel you need to mail them.

MySQL 5 Databases

MySQL is the most popular open source database engine and is used by the majority of PHP and Perl scripts to store data.

Overselling Enabled

All our reseller accounts come with overselling enabled which means you can allocate more space and bandwidth than your package has. You are only limited by actual account usage

Parked Domains

Parked domains are secondary domains that point to your main website / domain. They function exactly as your primary domain would.

Password Directories

Password directories can be setup within cPanel which can give you the ability to lock out area's of your website without any real knowledge about how it works. Just set it in cPanel and nothing to worry about it from there. This feature is great for web sites who want to block their admin area with not just script based mechanisms but also through the password directories feature.

PEAR Support

The PHP Extension and Application Repository, or PEAR, is a framework and distribution system for PHP code components. Stig S. Bakken founded the PEAR project in 1999 to promote the re-use of code that performs common functions. The project seeks to provide a structured library of code, maintain a system for distributing code and for managing code packages, and promote a standard coding style.

Though community-driven, the PEAR project has a PEAR Group which serves as the governing body and takes care of administrative tasks. Each PEAR code package comprises an independent project under the PEAR umbrella. It has its own development team, versioning-control and documentation. A PEAR package can consist of source code or binaries or both. Unlike the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) archives, which PEAR took as its model, PEAR packages do not have implicit dependencies so that a package's placement in the PEAR package tree does not relate to code dependencies. Rather, PEAR packages must explicitly declare all dependencies on other PEAR packages.

The PEAR base classes contain code for simulating object-oriented destructors and consistent error-handling. Packages exist for many basic PHP functions including authentication, caching, database access, encryption, configuration, HTML, web services and XML.


Perl is a CGI scripting language used primarily by many older scripts but is still widely used. It's one of the most popular languages alongside Python and PHP.

PHP 5 Support

Every account has the ability to run the latest PHP script that require PHP5. PHP 5 and the integrated Zend Engine 2 have greatly improved PHP's performance and capabilities. There is also a new Object Model which has been completely rewritten allowing for more functionality and performance.


phpMyAdmin gives you the ability to manage your MySQL databases without the need for a console or knowing many MySQL based commands. phpMyAdmin provides an easy to use interface for viewing data and manipulating data from a web based interface opposed to a 3rd party application or from a console.

POP3 Accounts

POP3 accounts is one of the ways you can access your email in your mail boxes hosted on our servers. All modern email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird support the POP3 protocol. POP3 allows you to download your email messages to your computer which then you should no longer need access to the internet to read your email. Majority of email clients also give you the ability to leave the email on the server so that others or you could get the email again at a later time if you lose it. However by default most email clients delete email once it's been downloaded so be aware of this if you'd like us to still store your emails on our servers.

PostgreSQL Databases

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database system that has the features of traditional commercial database systems with enhancements to be found in next-generation DBMS systems.

Private Name Servers

Private name servers makes it possible to use and for the accounts on your reseller account rather than use our name servers.

Private SSL

SSL encrypts confidential data such as credit card numbers and passwords. You will need a dedicated ip in order to enable private SSL. You may use a self signed certificate however browsers will require users to approve of this before they may view the site. This is why we recommend a 3rd-party signed certificate in order for there to be no warnings when the visitor views the SSL version of the website.


Python is a Object Oriented programming language that prioritizes readability over speed and expressiveness.


Redirects give you the ability to redirect a folder to another location on your website or even another web site if you choose. It can be a great way to provide multiple entry points to a location on a website. For example it can be great to have /forum redirect to /forums on an account so no visitors get 404 messages by typing in the wrong address.

Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails is a free web application framework. It aims to increase the speed and ease with which database-driven web sites can be created, and offers skeleton code frameworks (scaffolding) from the outset. Often shortened to Rails, or RoR, Ruby on Rails is an open source project written in the Ruby programming language, and applications using the Rails framework are developed using the Model-View-Controller design paradigm.

Rv Skins

RV Skin is a 3rd party cPanel skin which introduces multiple colors as well as support for 23 languages


RVSiteBuilder allows you to build a website within minutes using many of it's pre-made templates.

Server Side Includes

SSI (Server Side Includes) are segments of code you put in your HTML pages that is parsed when they're being served by Apache. They allow you to dynamically generate content without having to rely on a CGI program or language.


In order to send email from your email client you need a SMTP server in order to send out the emails. We offer SMTP in the case you do not want to use your ISP's SMTP server or they have restrictions on it. Our SMTP servers requires you to authenticate it which is usually a simple check box in your email client when setting up your email.


Softaculous is an auto installer growing in popularity as an alternative to Fantastico. It provides over 128 scripts which is significantly more than Fantastico. It also provides updates at a much more rapid pace than other auto installers available today. The interface it provides is also much more refined than others providing useful information like reviews, demos of the scripts and more.

Spam Assassin

All our accounts come with Spam Assassin our current spam filtering software of choice. Spam assassin flags the probability of an email message being spam. With this data you can set the probability amount that spam assassin ignores the email in question rather than putting it in your mail box. Spam Assassin is not perfect (no spam filter anywhere is) but it's a powerful spam filter which also will not block a lot of your legitimate mail.


Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an extension to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). SPF allows software to identify and reject forged addresses in the SMTP MAIL FROM (Return-Path), a typical nuisance in e-mail spam.


SSH (Secure Shell) allows you to use the command line of the machine on your account. It's exactly like Telnet only it's encrypted so all of the data being transmitted will be secure. You will need to download a SSH client to use this feature, we recommend Putty for Windows users. (To have this enabled on your account you must talk with a representative for security purposes.)
Sub Domains

Every account comes with unlimited Sub domains. A sub domain allows you to create a unique address using your domain which can point to its own content and e-mail addresses. You can add subdomains through your control panel ( Example Sub-Domain:


Trac is a popular open source project management system and bug tracker. It can be created and manage through cPanel when using the RVSkin.

Web Mail

We offer the ability to view your mail boxes from the web by accessing replacing with your sites address. We offer both Horde and Squirrelmail which each provide a different feel for your web based email. Web mail is great for users who would rather have an interface like Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail ect. for their email opposed to having to store the email on your computer.


All our accounts come with Webalizer another web site statistics program found in our cPanel statistics area. It provides another view for looking at various web site statistics. It can provide break downs of visitors by country, time of visit and many other useful pieces of information. It provides a tabular dataset of many things such as what pages get the most hits, the entry pages, the exit pages and many other pieces that are great for webmasters.


Web Host Manager (WHM) is cPanel's server administrative interface which also acts as a control panel for resellers what all our to allow them to manage accounts on their reseller account without the need of any real server knowledge. WHM provides the ability to manage accounts, manage SSL certificates, manage your dns entries and numerous other features.

X3 Skin

x3 skin is the web 2.0 inspired cPanel skin

Zend Framework

Zend Framework is a powerful high quality PHP 5 based framework which is available on all our servers. You can find out more information by visiting the Zend Framework Overview on their web site.

Zend Optimizer

Zend Optimizer is a PHP accelerator that goes over code generated by the Zend run-time compiler and optimizes it for faster execution and performance. Zend Optimizer also allows you to run scripts encoded using Zend Guard.

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